Lumio + Carola Schmidt: Free ebook + free interactive lesson for a cultural, scientific, and digital experience in your classrooom

Free interactive lesson by Lumio and free ebook for teachers to use in their classroom!

Lumio is a wonderful digital learning tool created by teachers for teachers. It transforms lessons into active, collaborative learning experiences that engage students on their own devices, and Carola is delighted with this partnership! Lumio expert Mark Hartwright put so much love into the engaging lesson! It is ideal to be used by English teachers, librarians, science teachers, hospitals, and when the students have to cope with the delicate situation that is a friend, family member, or teacher with cancer.

Download the ebook for free

Create a login. You will have access to the ebook for download. Feel free to show and read it to your class. You can send the ebook to your students so that they can read it on their devices. You also can also print single pages to distribute to the students if you prefer.

Access the lesson

The lesson is hosted on Lumio by SMART Technologies and is available here.