Tell me a Story, Babushka

Carola is proud and very happy to announce that Reycraft Books bought the rights to publish Tell me a Story, Babushka. The book was previously published independently and the information on this page is regarding both the traditional contract for the new edition and the first edition, which proved itself as a concept edition and will have new illustrations, new everything! This is the first kids’ book by Carola that is not about cancer.

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“Timely, with relevance to today’s difficult Ukrainian struggle as history is repeated.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Reading Tell me a story, Babushka is a reminder of how much strength, love and pride a Ukrainian grandmother has for preserving history through her grandchildren. While combining two elements: the Holodomor famine and a princess, it’s accomplished with the right blend of dedication from author Carola Schmidt who is of Ukrainian background. She brings facts and hope as seen through a child’s eyes and delivers a delightful tale of survival for a princess to become the heroine. Any child can see that monsters can be defeated when love abounds. A book to have and to reread, lest we forget.” – Sonia Owchariw, New Jersey Press Association, Award-Winning Journalist.