Thank you, Christian!

As a Brazilian woman in science and a writer, I face many obstacles to be able to build my career. And I feel grateful for all the support I receive in this journey. My thank you today is to Christian Müller, my friend and work partner from Germany, who donated me a SIOP membership.

Christian paid for my membership after I sent my curricula and filled out a form, and I was approved. Since its foundation, SIOP has strived to cure childhood cancer and facilitate cancer care and treatment for children.

As a SIOP member, now I have:

  • Reduced registration fees for the SIOP Annual Congress
  • Free subscription and online access to the Pediatric Blood and Cancer:
  • Free access to regular e-newsletters, online forums, advocacy initiatives, events and webinars on pediatric oncology and SOSIDO’s weekly digests of key publications
  • Free access to the SIOP Knowledge Centre which has Congress webcasts and CME-accredited learning modules:
  • Eligibility to apply for Scholarships and Awards
  • Right to vote and stand for election for SIOP posts
  • Opportunity to join SIOP Program activities:

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